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Proto-Indo-European Roots

An Etymological Database of Indo-European Roots

*awo-, *awio-
*oi-n-, *oi-k-, *oi-w-
*ost-, *kost-
*ou-, *ou-g-
*pó-, *pí-
*(s)uper, *(s)upo
*wed-, *wod-
*wl.-kw-, *wl.-p-
to lead, to bring new!
to shine, white, silver 
an ear new!
strength new!
white, shining 
to carry, to bring 
to be awaken new!
to be, to live 
husband's brother new!
a deity, sky god 
to put, to set 
a daughter 
a door, a gate 
to give, exchange 
to eat 
to go 
a horse 
to be 
a crane new!
cold, winter new!
a woman 
to beat new!
a cow 
blind new!
a hundred new!
a heart new!
flesh new!
to roll, a wheel 
who, what new!
to lie 
to pour 
flax, linen new!
to die 
not new!
a ship, a vessel new!
grandson, a nephew 
new, fresh 
dark, a night 
one new!
an eye 
a bone new!
cold new!
a foot 
to drink new!
to direct, to rule 
to sit 
to follow new!
to chop new!
to stand 
above, under new!
to be born 
husband's father 
wet, water 
we, we two 
to drag new!
to see, to know 
a man, a husband 
a wolf new!
to bind, to harness new!

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