Proto-Indo-European Roots

Root/Stem: *ou-, *ou-g-
Meanings:  cold
Hellenic Greek ugros 'wet' - is hardly a cognate
Celtic Common Celtic *ougro- 'cold', >
Gaulish ogros, Old Irish uar, Welsh oer, Cornish oir, Irish & Scottish  fuar
Indic Sanskrit ├║dhar 'coldness'
Armenian  Armenian hov 'cold', ucanam 'get cold'
Iranian Avestan aota 'cold wind', aod[email protected] 'coldness'
Baltic Lithuanian aušti 'to be cold', Latvian auksts 'cold'
Notes: The pure root was evidently *ou-, with different so-called determinatives like *-g-, *-k- and other, which served to fill the Proto-Indo-European vocabulary. At all, there can be only about 600-700 pure Indo-European roots found, but practically each of them has its different stems with determinatives added to the root.