Proto-Indo-European Roots

Root/Stem: *aus-
Meanings:  an ear
Hellenic Greek ós, ótos 'ear'
Italic Latin auris < *ausis 'ear'
Celtic Old Irish au, ó 'ear'
Iranian Avestan uši (dual) 'ears'
Persian hoš 'ear'
Armenian Armenian unkn 'ear', gen. unkan
Germanic Common Germanic *ausó, *auzó 'ear' >
Gothic auso, Old Norse eyra, Old English éare, Old Frisian áre, Old High German óre, Old Saxon óra,
Danish o"re, Swedish o"ra, Dutch oor, German Ohr
Baltic Lithuanian ausis 'ear', Latvian auss, Old Prussian ausins 'ears'
Slavic Common Slavic *uxo 'ear', *ušesa 'ears' >
Russian uho 'ear'
Notes: A typcial diphthong root which denoted a part of body and therefore was quite stable through the history of the Indo-European family. The Latin word audio 'I listen' is also a cognate, and threfore it is related to the English ear.