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The Galindan language

Group Baltic (with Old Prussian, Lithuanian etc.), West Baltic (with Old Prussian, Sudovian and Curonian)
Geography Was in use in Southern Prussia and maybe also in Central Russia near the river Protva
History Galindans are mentioned by Ptolemy in his description of European tribes; he locates them somewhere south from the Baltic Sea. Medieval authors from Germany also place Galindans in Southern Prussia. Russians called them Golyad' and knew them very well - but the strange thing is that they are mentioned once in Old Russian manuscripts of the 11th century not far from Moscow, on the river Protva. Maybe this was a remain of those Baltic tribes who used to live on Russian lands before Slavs came here. In Prussia, Galindan was spoken until the 14th century. 
Morphology A highly flective language with a complicated structure of noun declension and several declension types - the same as Old Prussian.
Lexicon The structure and the vocabulary of it is quite similar to Old Prussian and some linguists even consider Galindan just a dialect of Old Prussian.
Writing No written documents exist
Close Contacts Old Prussian, later Slavic languages
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