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Indo-European Linguistic Studies Links
Piotr Gasiorowski's Homepage
Proto-Indo-European Studies by Chris Gwinn

Comparative Indo-European Data Corpus - a huge and interesting collection of IE cognates
Did Indo-European Languages spread before farming? - a hypothesis article by Jonathan Adams
Everything you wanted... but were afraid... - beginners only
Glottalic Theory - a description and comparison
Historical Indo-European Linguistics - online articles and materials
IE Documentation Center - publications, introductions by the Linguistic Research Center of Texas University
Indo-European - university materials and good links
Indo-European and other languages mailing lists - addresses online
Indo-European Dialects - a magnificent collection of links to dialectal studies of Indo-European
Indo-European Family of Languages - explanations and a few examples of different modern Indo-European tongues.
Indo-European Language Resources - some really useful things, especially text corpora and online glossaries
Indo-European Language Tree - a picture
Indo-European Professional Online Conference - e-mail "SUBSCRIBE YOURNAME"
Indo-European Roots - some of the Proto-Language roots
Indo-European Texts - comparative materials, and the famous Schleicher's fable written in Proto-IE
Institut fr Indogermanistic - the page of Halle University, projects, links and publications in German
John Hutton's Website - also on IE and on theoretical phonology
Journal of Indo-European Studies - online publications
LDC-Online - an online catalogue of comparative Indo-European texts; a good choice of material
Linguistics Research Center - a lot of projects from Texas University
Numerals in Indo-European Dialects - a very professional site devoted to deep analysis of ancient and modern Indo-European numbers
UCLA Program in Indo-European Studies - some materials and links from UCLA
Proto-Indo-European Language - for beginners
Schleicher's Tree and Its Trunk - an interesting article
The Early History of Indo-European Languages - a big and significant article by great Russian linguists Gamkrelidze and Ivanov.
The Ergativic Stage of Early Proto-Indoeuropean - a strong article by Hans-Ioachim Alscher
TITUS - one of the greatest collections of Indo-European on the Web
Web Grammars and Morphology - a good and clear site with many links to grammars of different modern and some ancient languages on the Web.

HATTI - Association des Amis de la Civilization Hittite - some info about Hittites, articles (including a brief one about Luwian language)
Linking Ancient Peoples - an 1996 article about links between Hittite and Semitic languages
  Phaistos Disk - maybe you can solve the greatest linguistic puzzle in history?
Thracian language - Vocabulary and Phonetics; a good translation of the book by Bulgarian scientist Duridanov
Thracology - Everything about Thracians, their languages, also Scythians, Sarmatians, Paeonians ...
TITUS Tocharica Project - online corpus of Tocharic A and B texts
Tocharian - some general data about the two varieties of Tocharic language
What Language Did They Speak? - Indo-Europeans and Tocharians
Albanian Language Website - an introduction to the language
Albanian Tutorial - an online grammar survey and a dictionary
  Prussian Reconstructions by Prof. Letas Palmaitis
Virdainas by Joseph Pashka
Proto-Baltic Page by Joseph Pashka

Old Prussian Electronic Text Archive - one of a few text corpora on Old Baltic languages on the Web
Prussian Reconstruction - a unique Prussian grammar survey and a great dictionary
Latvian Online Grammar
Lithuanian Online Course - a kind of...
The Lithuanian language Dialects - a good page in Lithuanian

Celtic Studies by Christopher Gwinn

CELTLING E-Mail LIST - A mailing list for Celtic linguistics.
Celtic Indo-European Origins - an article by Jon Bonsing
Corpus of Electronic Texts - Old Irish texts, poetry, translations
Gaulish - English dictionary - the dictionary must be great; who knows - it is NOT free
MacBain's Etymological Dictionary - the greatest dictionary of Celtic languages, both ancient and modern
Ogham Inscriptions - with translations
Old Irish  - English Word List
The Ogam Script - deep research of Ogham - was it Indo-European?

Celtic Dictionaries - many English-Gaelic, Gaelic-English and etymological dictionaries online
Celtology Journal
Everson Gunn Teoranta - large collection of resources and links to Celtic linguistic studies
Gwefan Cymru-Catalonia - a nice site composed of Welsh and Catalan resources
Croeso I Gymru - some more resources in Welsh
Irish Gaelic Online Course
Irish Gaelic Online Course - 120 lessons!
Irish Gaelic Online Grammar
Manx Gaelic Online Course
Scottish Gaelic Online Course
Welsh Online Course
University of Wales Dictionary of the Welsh Language

A Brief Germanic Linguistic Page
Anglo-Saxon Chronicles - online texts with translations
Anglo-Saxon Poetry - online texts without translation in all Old English dialects
Edda Online - Old Norse saga in original; the site is in Norwegian
Indo-European to Germanic - features of transformation
Labyrinth Library: Old English: A good collection of OE texts and other materials. Also has some runic inscriptions.
Labyrinth Library - Middle English Bookcase
The Germanic World - comparative and other thorough studies of Germanic languages
Vikings' Language - an online grammar of Old Scandinavian language
Gothic Language Pages - online dictionaries and a grammar survey of Gothic
Online dictionary of non-IE substratum in Germanic- unique on the Web
Old English Pages - texts, history, art, language and much more online
Complete Runic inscription corpus
Old Swedish Corpus - texts online
Project Wulfila: A fantastic volunteer effort which has gotten nearly all of the Gothic corpus online.
Old High German Page: a modest corpus of OHG texts.
Old English Translations: A collection of five poems in OE with ModE translations and scanned images of the manuscripts.
Oxford Text Archive: Among many other things, there are some OE texts on this site.
The Funeral of Scyld Scefing: A short excerpt from Beowulf.
Anonymous Old English Homilies: A Preliminary Bibliography.
Dictionary of Old English: A huge project. They have an electronic text of the entire surviving OE corpus, which they are regrettably not making freely available on the web (altho you can get a copy under certain circumstances).
VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia. Has corpora in various Germanic and non-Germanic languages.
HTI Text Collections: Another archive similar to VIVA.
Old English Literature: A very good collection of links, including some to online corpora.
Old English page: Contains a few texts in OE

Jamska - The Dictionary Project: An effort to create a dictionary of Jamska, a vernacular dialect related to Norwegian.
Danish Online Grammar
Dutch Online Course
Frisian Online Course
German Online Grammar
Icelandic Online Grammar
Low German Online Course
Swedish Online Course
Norwegian Online Course
Norwegian Online Grammar
Scots Online Handbook
Scots Online Grammar

Greek Grammar on the Web by Marc Huys

Ancient Greek Online Course
Modern Greek Online - Real Audio Lessons
Greek Online Grammar
The New Greek Grammar Online
The Perseus Project - a detailed Greek and Latin website, with texts, grammars, and language analysis

Pali lessons - an online course of Pali language
Sanskrit Online Grammar - texts included
Sarasvati - Vedic & Indus civilization, languages and scripts
Indology - Text Archives
Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies - read publications and be published
Mitanni Aryans- the oldest Indic languages and their influence in the ancient Middle East

Hindi Online Course
Indian Scripts and Languages - everything about them
Major Indian Languages - see a complete list with the number of speakers
Bengali Online Grammar
Khowar, the language of Chitral - info about one of Dardic languages
Dards, Dardistan, and Dardic - everything about Dardic languages
Sarasvati - enormous data of Indic languages
Uk India - Learn to read Urdu, Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali etc.

Achaemenid Royal Inscriptions - a textbase of inscriptions in Old Persian, Elamite and Akkadian
Avesta - information about, texts online, translations, brief grammar and pronounciation of Avestan language
Avesta - Russian Version
Old Persian texts - with translation
Pahlavi texts - old texts with translations
Kurdish Online Course
Ossetic Online Grammar
  English to Latin Dictionary - one of several dictionaries on the Web (only for Java)
Latin Links
Latin Online - links to dictionaries, grammars, books, references online (plenty of links)
Latin Online Grammar (under construction)
Latin Online Grammar
New Latin Online Grammar
VITELIU - the description, text examples and a map of ancient Italic languages

Asturian Online Grammar
Catalan Online Grammar
French Online Course
Galician Online Grammar
Mirandes - a single language or a dialect?
Occitan Online Grammar
Proto-Romanian Dictionary and Info
Rumantsch Online Phrasal Book
Sicilian speech webpage
Wallon Online Grammar
Veneto dialect online

Old Slavic Text Archive - Old Slovene and Old Polish texts online
Old Church Slavonic Net - including grammars and texts
An Electronic Corpus of Old Church Slavonic - numerous manuscripts online
Belorussian Online Grammar
Croatian Language and Literature - links and descriptions
Polish Grammar Online
Polish for Foreigners
Slavic Materials and Links
Russian Online Grammar
Russian Interactive Reference Grammar
Russian dictionaries and morphology - a magnificent database
Upper Sorbian Online Course
Slovenian Online Grammar and Courses - and more

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