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The Messapic language

Group Single
Geography Messapic tribes of Yapigi and Yapodi lived in south-eastern Italy (Apulia).
History Messapic was spoken by Illyrian tribes who crossed the Adriatic and settled in Italy, from the 8th to the 1st century BC, until Rome conquered this territory and Latin colonists assimilated aboriginal languages. Though Messapic was originally an Illyrian dialect, it possessed several peculiar features.
Phonetics Messapic phonetics includes the transition of Indo-European a, e, o to e, a - the same way as in Illyrian. Diphthongs were all preserved: ai, au, eu, oi, ei, as well as sonant vowels l, r, m, n and a lot Indo-European consonants. 
Morphology Messapic used 5 cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative and instrumental). Several case forms show similarity to Italic: dative plural -bos, instrumental plural -bis. Some forms of perfect, aorist and optative mood were discovered. The studies of Messapic are complicated due to the lack of lexical data - too many personal names and little morphological material.
Writing Messapic alphabet
Close Contacts Illyrian; of Italic languages, Messapic ontacted much with Oscan, later Latin.
Sample klohi zis thotoria marta pido vastei basta
veinan aran in daranthoa vasti staboos
xohedonas daxtassi vaanetos inthi trigonoxo
a staboos xohetthihi dazimaihi beiliihi
inthi rexxorixoa kazareihi xohetthihi toeihithi
dazohonnihi inthi vastima
daxtas kratheheihi inthi ardannoa poxxonnihi a


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