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The Sidetian language

Group Anatolian (with Hittite, Luwian etc.), Late Anatolian (with Lydian, Lycian, and Sidetian)
Geography Spoken in a small mountainous district of Anatolia in Northern Lycia.
History Sydetic is believed to have been not the language of a particular nation, but a mixture, a border dialect of Carian, Lydian and Lycian together. Very scarce information can be researched about the language, but still it is obvious it was Anatolian and was close to Carian and Lydian. 
Phonetics Nothing is known for sure, except the presence of palatal consonants and several spirants in the language.
Morphology The noun was quickly moving towards the analytical structure, losing some endings. The distinction between common and neuter genders was lost because nominative case had a null ending. Genitive has -z, which is uncommon among late Anatolian languages. At all there were about four or five cases, and ablative, obviously, coincided with dative and locative. Verbs are even more scarce in inscriptions, so we can just say that the language had two main tenses, present and preterite, with the ending -l in the 3rd person preterite, derived from the Hittite pronominal declension. There was a participle in -rs'.
Writing Sidetian alphabet
Close Contacts Carian, Lydian, more distantly Lycian.
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