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Yagnobi language
This is the relict descended from the ancient Sogdian language, and now some call it New Sogdian. Yagnobi is seriously endangered, and only 2,5 thousand people speak it at the moment on the territory of Tajikistan. And even so few people can create dialects which are different in phonetics: the western Yagnobi -t is the eastern -s.

In fact, Yagnobi is just the continuation of one of Sogdian dialects. It has 8 vowels - 5 long and 3 short; and 27 consonant sounds. The morphology is distinguished by combination of inflected and analytic forms - both in verbs and in nominal parts of speech. Many grammar models were borrowed from Tadjik parallel forms. The vocabulary is full of Tadjik borrowings, and the original Sogdian lexics can be met mostly in verbs and pronouns.

Yagnobi is used also among Tadjiks as a "secret", "taboo" language, and the roots for this tradition go far in the history.

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