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Baluchi language
Baluchi is spoken in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, and uses either Cyrillic or Arabic script for its literature. In Central Asia where different language areas are mixed it is sometimes hard to state the exact borders between different tongues, and due to insufficient knowledge on the subject the total number of Baluchi speakers is again undefined: about 4,5 million people.

Some scientists tall about some 20 different dialects within the language, some of them are close to other Iranian languages, some were influenced by Indic tongues in Pakistan. Baluchi phonetics preserved many archaic traits, for instance the opposition of long and short vowels. The nouns are also a bit archaic (compared to Persian and other related languages) and use four cases, as well as the pronouns. Verbs use complicated structure: two voices, four moods. Different dialects use from 5 to 9 different tenses. Linguists argue whether Baluchi is an ergative or a nominative language: in the past of the verbs the transitive ones use ergative constructions, intransitive - nominative constructions.

Baluchi language is official in Pakistan, and there is rich literature written in it also in Afghanistan.

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