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Comparative Mythology by J. Charles Day

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Author J. Charles Day
J. Charles Day
Portland, USA
Computer Programmer
E-mail: [email protected]
Subjects Mythologies of the Indo-European peoples: Comparative analysis exploring the common origins of the gods, goddesses and myths of our Indo-European ancestors
Launched 7 March 2000
Joined TIED 17 April, 2000
Main Projects Early Indo-European Religion
The Norse
The Romans
Plans I am currently filling out the areas with tables of gods and goddesses, trying to make them the most complete on the net. I have many one- to three- page essays on major gods and goddesses. I also will be writing essays on other major common mythological Indo-European themes traceable to the Early Religion. In all my material I comment on parallels with gods, goddesses, and myths found in other ethno-religious groups.