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Gillani language
An off-spring of the Pahlavi (Middle Persian) language, Gillani is now spoken in northern parts of Iran, on the shores of the Caspian Sea. By now, about 3 million people can understand it, though many of the do not speak it, as Gillani is being replaced by Persian in most places.

Being a Western Iranian language, Gillani keeps much in common with such tongues as Kurdish and Luri. It is also similar to Persian, and nowadays is influenced much by it - mostly in lexicon and even grammar.

The word order in Gillani remains quite Indo-European, and its attributes usually precede the noun (while in Persian adjectives and adverbs follow nouns). New terms are formed by means of suffixation - there are numerous suffixes in the language.

The number of Gillani speakers is decreasing constantly, and few new literature works appear, but still the usage remains rather wide in native districts.