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Indo-European Mythology and Religion Links

Celtic Religion by Christopher Gwinn
Comparative Mythology by J. Charles Day
The Proto-Religion by Patrick Ryan

Proto-Indo-European Rituals - they tried to reconstruct prayers and songs in Proto-Indo-European language
Aaron Rester's Mythology Pages - general info analyzing beliefs all over the world
Ancient Latvian Paganism and Mythology - a very nice site, everything on the topic
Celtobritish Mythology - publications and analysis
Gods, Goddesses and Myth - including Celtic, Arthurian, Greek and other mythology
Hittite and Hurrian Religion - frequently asked questions
Indian Mythology - a lot of stories
Irish Deities - describing the heroes of ancient Irish mythology
Lithuanian Paganism - the pantheon and customs
Mythology Encyclopedia - every resource on mythology and religion online
Slavic Gods - a list with function descriptions

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