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Indo-European History and Archaeology Links
The Scheme of Indo-European Migrations by Alexander Stolbov
Indo-European Chronology by Cyril Babaev

Ancient Scripts - a rather informative page to learn and to see more about ancient alphabets, hierogliphs and cuneiforms
Association for the History of Language
Evolution of Alphabets - a nice try, but still under construction
HATTI - Association des Amis de la Civilization Hittite - some info about Hittites, articles (including a brief one about Luwian language)
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts - theories and tables about interpreting Greek and Hebrew old texts
Khazaria - history of the Khazar Kaganate
Minoans and Mycenaeans - a great site including materials on history, religion and socium of ancient Greece
OMACL - the Online Medieval And Classical Library, online texts
Overview of Archaic and Classical Greek History - I would rather call it an encyclopedia
Pictish Nation - were they Indo-European? Quite a lot of materials
People of the Dark Ages - some online data, mainly about Germanic tribes of the Early Middle Ages
Rulers of Ancient World - chronological lists of Emperors and rulers
Slavophilia - the database of Slavic historical studies
The Ancient Mediterranean and India - ancient resources
The Ancient World Web: History - links to plenty of historical materials online
The Internet Medieval Sourcebook - texts online
The Camelot Project - an excellent source for Arthurian texts and information
The Geography of Roman Gaul - research of historical geography
The Labyrinth - another source for medieval texts and information from Georgetown University
The ORB - the Online Reference Book For Medieval Studies
The Origins and the Deeds of the Goths - the online famous Jordanes' book
The Ruin and Conquest of Britain 400 A.D. - 600 A.D.
Thrace and the Thracians - a nice research page, also dedicated to Scythians, Dacians etc.

Archaeology Settlements of Turkey - a database with search
Italian Archaeology - everything
New discoveries among the Philistines - was the nation Indo-European?
Nuzi and the Hurrians - materials about ancient people of Asia Minor
Prehistoric Italy - archaeological cultures
The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean - a detailed research work
The Worlds of Anatolia - ancient nations of Asia Minor
  Europe in 1 AD
Europe in 100 AD
Europe in 200
Europe in 300
Europe in 400
Europe in 500
Europe in 600
Europe in 700
Europe in 800
Europe in 900
Europe in 1000
Europe in 1100
Europe in 1200
Europe in 1300
Europe in 1400
Europe in 1500
Ireland circa 300 AD
Ireland circa 500
Ireland circa 700
Ireland circa 1000
Roman Britain
Spain in 9-13 centuries
The Empire of Salah-ad-Din and the Crusades
Spain in 13-16 centuries
Ottoman Empire in 14-16 centuries
Ottoman Empire in 16-17 centuries
Arab Expansion to the West

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