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We have never seen one another. We live in different countries and have different occupations. But we all share a passion for the linguistic and cultural history of Indo-European peoples, and each of us has decided to tell the virtual community of the Internet about their research and reflections on Indo-European matters. As we ran our websites and searched for kindred spirits on the web, we met up there and eventually decided to unify our efforts by creating a single database of information on Indo-European topics.

The aim of The Indo-European Database (TIED) is to provide those interested in the language, history and culture of various Indo-European peoples with access to reliable sources of information, including libraries, research centers and academic institutions. We realize that only the joint efforts of many enthusiasts can ensure the success of such an ambitious plan.

We herewith establish the following Basic Principles to guide our work:

The first principle: The Database does not pretend to offer the ultimate or only truth. Our Members and Authors are individually responsible for what they publish here, and different opinions and points of view are welcome on our pages. History and historical linguistics are disciplines in which many moot questions remain despite the efforts of the best scholars, and there is still room for new theories, hypotheses and alternative interpretations.

The second principle: The Database bans every kind of nationalist propaganda and racial discrimination from its publications. Our Members and Authors must not disparage the role of any nation, language or country in the history of mankind, or promote theories of inherent racial and cultural superiority or inferiority. We assert that all peoples and all civilizations have made their unique contributions during the development of society and must be duly appreciated.

The third principle: The Database is always open for new Members and Authors. We are not an exclusive club: we encourage everyone to publish their opinions online, we offer web space and promotion to all Indo-European-related publications and projects. The more people are involved in our cooperation, the better and more popular Database we shall have.

The fourth principle: The Database has been created and is maintained as a non-commercial project. All its resources are available to all web surfers free of charge. We believe in the disinterested promotion and popularization of free knowledge.

The fifth principle: The Database does not constrain the freedom of the Member websites. They all retain their independence and may choose to withdraw from the Database at any time if it no longer serves their purpose to be so joined. Our Members shall not be made to publish anything on their sites against their will. The Indo-European Database is a voluntary union of sovereign websites, established to promote the achievements of each of them.

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